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Discover The Most Effective Lower Back Pain Stretches for Natural Back Pain Relief.

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Two Common Lower Back Pain Stretches

These two exercises are about the only exercises you’ll get from your doctor. There's nothing wrong with them, in actual fact they're good stretches. By all means, do them.

However, the chances that they will do much to get rid of your back pain are pretty remote because these stretches don't go to the source of your problem - which is usually tight muscles attached to your pelvis - front, back and sides.

If you've come to this website you're one of many people who believe they can relieve back pain by using Lower Back Stretches.

You're definitely on the right track. In fact it’s the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way you can go about relieving your lower back pain.

Now all you have to do is decide which muscles need stretching and what are the most effective stretches.

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To help you make an immediate start on reliving your lower back pain, I’d like to send you a FREE copy of the Musculo-skeletal Pain Emergency Handbook. It contains 3 of the key exercises you need to start doing immediately to relieve your back pain.

Looking for Clues

There are several important principles that will help you work out which muscles need stretching.

  1. Back pain is a symptom that bones in the lower part of your spinal column are out of alignment. You don’t want to just mask the symptom, you want to fix the underlying cause of the problem.
  2. It is tight muscles that have drawn the pelvis and the bones above it out of alignment; hence the need to loosen these muscles if you want lasting pain relief.
  3. It is unlikely that the muscles that are the cause of the problem are at the site where it’s painful. On the contrary, it is highly likely that the culprits are tight muscles attached to your pelvis - front, back and sides.

Now for the most important finding
in recent back pain research

alignment model pain

Tight muscles draw the pelvis out of alignment.

When the pelvis moves out of alignment, the bones above it move out of alignment.

When the pelvis is tilted backwards by tight hamstring and buttock muscles, the bones in your lower back are dragged out of alignment and the natural ‘S’ shaped curve of the spine becomes a ‘C’ shape - as illustrated in the picture opposite.

Coupled with that, the pelvis may rotate and one side may drop lower than the other. All this impacts on the alignment of the bones in your lower back.

When the bones in your lower back move out of alignment, ligaments, tendons and muscles around those bones are stretched beyond their pain threshold.

Sooner or later discs bulge and then herniate. When that happens, every time you sneeze or cough it feels like a red hot poker is being rammed into your back.

Most therapists will want to rub, crunch, heat and vibrate the spot where it hurts, not loosen off the tight muscles around your pelvis that are the underlying cause of the program. Lower back pain is definitely not caused by a lack of rubbing, crunching, heating and vibrating.

The natural inclination is to stretch the muscles where it hurts. The doctor will give you the two exercises at the top of the page. But as I’ve already said, they’re useful but don’t do much to re-align your pelvis.

Of course, the doctor’s main weapon of choice is the prescription of a drug to mask the pain. Where I come from it’s called ‘junk medicine’. But pain masked is not problem solved. In fact it diverts people’s attention away from doing the strength and flexibility exercises that will restore poor function to good.

Very few bones were ever drawn back into alignment by Vioxx, Voltarin, Ibuprofen or Celebrex. The problem keeps getting worse. Next stop is Oxycontin. The next stop after that is the Betty Ford Centre!

The final destination is the knife and that will set you back 50 Grand (for a couple of hours work) and if you troll through the back pain groups on the internet you’ll see that a lot of people who’ve had back surgery are still in pain. The reason is that back pain is not caused by a lack of surgery!

The big secret to relieving lower back pain is loosening the muscles that are causing the pelvis to move out of alignment.

Let me illustrate this point for you.

If you're looking for clues as to the cause of your back pain look no further than these three pictures.

sitting straight against flat wall

Wall Sit

Can you sit up straight, legs outstretched, backs of knees on the floor and your bottom close in against the wall.

Sit up straight

Sit up straight

Can you sit up straight with your legs crossed, your hands clasped behind your back and your spine in an ‘S’ shape?

Hip crosssover

Hip crosssover

Can you comfortably rest your knee and foot on the floor?

If you cannot comfortably do these exercises you can safely say your lower back pain is being caused by a pelvis that is out of alignment.

What causes muscles attached to you pelvis to tighten up?

slump dog
  1. Years of inactivity. It’s called motion starvation. If you don’t have a regular strength and flexibility training program, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up with lower back pain.

    It comes with years of spending most of the day sitting down and years without a strength and flexibility program that’s designed to keep the body in good alignment.

    Look no further than the slump dog diagram.
  2. If you sit down for decades, calf, hamstring and buttock muscles gradually become tighter and tighter. The march toward dysfunction is imperceptibly slow. You don't notice it's happening, until one day, you swivel round to pick up a phone book, put a bag of groceries into your car, sneeze - and BAMMO, your back’s ‘gone out’ and you’re in excruciating pain.

    Likely as not you’ll blame the critical incident, not the years of neglect that led to it.
  3. It may come as a result of hand and foot dominance. Every time you kick, throw and hit you rotate your body in the same direction.

    Every time you kick, throw and hit you rotate your body in the same direction.
  4. It could come as a result of the way you sit in your car, pelvis twisted with one foot on the accelerator.
  5. It could even come from sitting down for 20 years with a big fat Uncle Sam wallet in your hip pocket.

Until you can square up a pelvis that is out of alignment you won't make a great deal of progress in reducing your back pain.

In the Fix Back Pain ebook I’ll teach you exactly which lower back stretches you need to do to square yourself up, how to do them, how long to do them for and how often to do them in order to get the bones of your lower back into better alignment and pain free.
In fact what I’m going to do is teach you to become your own therapist.

What we’re talking about here is not rocket science. You don’t need to wear a white coat or dangle a stethoscope around your neck to work out which muscles need loosening and which muscles need strengthening in order to get your body back into alignment and pain free.

What about strength exercises?

I'll also teach you the strength exercises you need to do. In fact two of the best predictors of risk of lower back pain are your ability to do situps and pressups. Not being able to do any - or only a few - will provide you with more clues as to why you've got back pain.

But apart from a few specific exercises, what your body needs is a good all round strength training program so that muscles designed to support all of the bones in your body in correct alignment are retrained and re-activated to do the job they’ve stopped doing.

How to Fix Back Pain

How To Fix Back Pain ebook

The Global Back Care Fix Back Pain ebook contains one of the most comprehensive set of lower back stretches available on the internet. It includes:

  • The one minute exercise program
  • How to do Lower Back Stretches properly
  • Red letter exercises that are a must do.
  • Active relaxation exercises that you can do while you're watching television.
  • The four great strength exercises designed to strengthen the large muscles of your body.

Who am I to provide you with this advice?

I'm John Miller, a professional physical educator living in Canberra, Australia. I conduct musculo-skeletal health programs for corporate organisations. In fact I've run hundreds of courses on back pain and treated thousands of people, just like you.

Secondly I'm a qualified fitness practitioner having spent years running a fitness centre and taking people though my Global Back Care program.

It's running these programs that has prompted me to create this web site and produce the Global Back Care series of ebooks; all so that people all around the world can fix their musculo-skeletal pain.

Thirdly, and this is just as important, I've had lower back pain myself. All the things listed above, like - can't sneeze without it feeling like someone is jabbing a red hit poker into your back, can't bend over the wash basin to brush your teeth, can't put on your socks ... - I've had.

Hippocrates said 'The physician speaks with more authority if he's had the disease.' Whilst back pain is not a disease and I'm not a physician, I can tell you, I've had my share of back pain, (shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, calf pain and Achilles pain) and by doing the same exercises that I recommend in the Fix Back Pain program, I got over it.

In fact I don’t have any musculo-skeletal pain, principally because I’ve worked out how to get rid of it.

I’m now passing this knowledge on to you.

100% Risk free money back guarantee


If after three months you not are completely satisfied with the program, if you think I’ve over promised and under-delivered, I'll refund your money in full. I won’t be cheerful about the refund, just disappointed because I haven’t been able to help you.

All you have to do is give it your best shot.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their spine back to 80% of good condition - or better. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you, for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal ones being the condition is too far gone or you fail to put in the time doing the exercises.

If you do the exercises I recommend, as often as I recommend and for as long as I recommend, in 80 days you’ll be feeling much better. If you’re not, I’ll refund your money and apologise to you for wasting your time.

A final couple of words

Feel free to get in touch with me any time you like. I will do my best to answer your questions and give you further advice. We can even arrange to talk face to face on Skype. I’m at your service.

If you have any difficulty with the download, just send me an email using the contact form and I’ll fix it up. From time to time download problems arise, often due to the time taken between the payment being made and the download being actioned. The best thing to do is download it to your computer straight away.

In a nutshell, here's what I'm going to do for you.

  • I'm going to give you a set of exercises that get your pelvis and spinal column back into alignment and better supported by the muscles around them.
  • I’m going to save you a fortune pouring money into the pockets of therapists.
  • I’m going to teach you to be your own therapist.
Make an immediate start on relieving your back pain.

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How To Fix Back Pain.

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John Miller